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Investing in a professional carpet cleaning is a great first step if you’re seeking super-clean, soft, and fresh-smelling carpet in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  Maximize your carpet cleaning results and overall experience with these 10 essential homeowner tips.

Having your carpet and rugs professionally deep-cleaned is a must at least once every 12-18 months according to the major carpet manufacturers.  Now that Spring 2014 has arrived, it’s a good idea to schedule your carpet cleaning after a thorough spring cleaning has been completed on your Bloomfield Hills, MI home.  Since much of the excess dirt and dust will have been removed from most areas as a result, there will be less chance of it landing and settling into your carpet.  A deep, hot water extraction (i.e., steam) cleaning of your carpet will round out a newly spring cleaned home to create an even healthier indoor environment for you and your family.  This kind of regular maintenance will also extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking terrific for years to come. 

Choosing the right carpet cleaning company isn’t easy, we know.  There are many providers to choose from and the gimmicks and bait-and-switch coupon scams used by unscrupulous carpet cleaners can make any consumer wary.  As such, it is highly recommended to start your search by asking friends and family for a good referral.  You can also go the internet and seek out companies with the best online reviews (Yelp.com, Angie’s List, and Google+ Local can prove to be very fruitful).  Once you have gone through the rigors of searching for and, finally, booking a reputable Bloomfield Hills, MI carpet cleaner, here are 10 great tips to prepare for your carpet cleaning appointment:

1)      If the company you have hired does not pre-vacuum, be sure to give your carpet, rugs, and carpeted stairs a thorough vacuuming that also includes edging the perimeters and corners with an on-board extension/crevice tool if your unit has one.  This is particularly important if you have pets.

2)      Make your home easily accessible by having a parking spot available close to the entrance the carpet cleaning company will be using to unload and bring in their equipment.  Be sure to clear your driveway, walkways, and entryways of snow and other obstructions and move your car out of the garage and out to the street if anyone has to leave while the cleaning is taking place.  Carpet cleaning companies using a truckmounted unit will need to be as close as possible to the home to bring in hoses and other large tools and accessories to perform a quality and timely cleaning.

3)      Be sure to secure your pets and mind small children around any open entryways (or windows in rare instances) due to hoses and carpet technicians who will need to go to and from their vehicle to load and unload.  If your pets or children are high-strung or spook easily, the noise of equipment while in operation and/or strangers moving about the home may make them extra nervous or scared.

4)      Some carpet cleaning companies move light furniture as a courtesy and others may require that you have small pieces of furniture already moved and out of the way before they arrive.  In any event, it is a good idea all-around to do it yourself (if you are able) for the ultimate protection of your things.  Be sure to get small to medium-sized items such as plants, floor lamps, paper shredders, rugs, mats, dining chairs, computer chairs, computer mats, tables, picture frames, stereo speakers, wastebaskets, toys, and any miscellaneous clutter, picked up off the floor and/or moved into an area that is not going to be cleaned.  If the cleaning technicians will be moving pieces of furniture for you, it is imperative that you make them aware of any loose tops, weak legs, or past repairs that have been made.

5)      Move small or breakable items off furniture the technicians will be moving for you.  You don’t want sensitive glassware, ceramics, art pieces, heirlooms, or well-loved knickknacks to be jostled or knocked over.  Also, be sure to put away and secure any jewelry, jewelry boxes, money, firearms, checkbooks, expensive electronics, sensitive mail pieces or documents, etc. for good measure.

6)      Remove or pin up bed / furniture skirting or long curtains that could become wet or get in the way of cleaning equipment (ideally about 6 inches from the floor).

7)      If you have not had a pre-inspection or in-home estimate prior to booking your cleaning appointment, inform the carpet technicians of any existing stains, odors, or areas of concern that may need special attention.  If spills or accidents have occurred before the day of the appointment, or if you happened to find other spots while moving things out of the way, be sure to make the cleaning techs aware before they start the cleaning process.

8)      If possible, prepare to have the least amount of traffic and people in the household during your cleaning and/or be sure rooms are empty of occupants and ready for the technicians to seamlessly move into, and start work in, that area.  If carpet cleaning technicians have to work around people moving, working, or lounging about the home it can really slow down the cleaning process and delay getting to the next appointment.

9)      It is wise to allow the carpet to dry completely by having a day or night out planned in advance.  While you are out (or before the technicians arrive if you will not be home during the cleaning), take measures to leave any ceiling fans on and your thermostat set to 72 degrees (running a full 24 hours is recommended).  It is also a good idea to turn OFF humidifiers, keep forced air furnace fans to “ON” vs. “AUTO”, and turn on DEhumidifiers to a full-speed/constant run setting (be sure to check periodically to empty).  If you are home and the weather is not humid, you may also opt to leave your windows open to allow air to circulate about the house.  Make sure your ceiling fan blades are cleaned of dust if they have not been used in awhile and that the blade turning direction is set where air flow is blowing DOWN on the carpet.

10)   Once the cleaning is completed, and until your carpet is completely dry, take extra care when stepping from damp carpet onto any hard surface areas or stairs as you can unexpectedly slip and fall with or without shoes on.  To prevent resoiling your carpet while it dries, have everyone in the household wear INDOOR slippers or INDOOR shoes with non-marking soles.  Clean socks or stocking feet will also work (though they may get damp).  The carpet cleaning company may supply you with shoe booties to wear over any outdoor shoes or you can purchase them at a big box home improvement store.  Also, be sure to wipe off the paws of pets after they have been outside.

It is a good idea to check with the company you have hired to find out what specific things they need you to do before they arrive to make the cleaning job run smooth and ensure the highest quality results.  Some carpet cleaning companies will provide the basics and offer the ability to upgrade with add-ons while others companies offer full-service cleaning packages at different tiered-levels.

Once the job is done, regular maintenance and immediate cleaning of spills and accidents will keep you’re your carpet looking great in between the recommended annual deep cleanings.  Although, if your home experiences a high volume of traffic, there are children and/or pets in the household, or anyone with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, you may want to consider cleaning your carpet every 6 months.

Finding a top-rated, professional carpet cleaning company in Bloomfield Hills, MI that offers every client a 100% money-backed guarantee is as easy as contacting Carpet Cleaning Excellence at 888-688-0603.  Our company will set up a free, friendly, no-obligation pre-inspection of your carpet and rugs.  Give us 15 minutes and we will measure up the areas that need cleaning, listen to and discuss your concerns, and then let you know what results you can expect.  Keep in mind that not all carpet can be restored back to its original form, which is why we’ll even let you know if your are better off replacing your carpet rather than cleaning if you’re not sure which route to take.  In addition to carpet and rug cleaning, we also clean ceramic tile and grout and upholstery to complete your home's spring cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning Excellence is proud to serve quality conscious consumers in and around the areas of Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, Waterford, Commerce, and Novi in Oakland County, MI for over 25 years. 


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