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Treating carpets with periodic cleaning from the experts is one secret that will help maintain their wonderful condition and make them last for a much longer period of time. However, what you personally do when caring for your rugs is also important for it will contribute to their longevity too. Making sure that your home or business carpets is always looking clean, healthy and freed from stains or unpleasant odors will sustain their almost new appearance.

If you want to make your carpets or rugs looking great all the time, take note of the following do’s and don’ts when caring for them:

What you need to DO:

  • Regular Vacuuming

This is actually the most important thing that carpet owners must do.  Giving rugs regular vacuuming of at least twice or thrice a week, particularly on entryways and hallways areas, will lessen the amount of dirt and grime accumulation in their fibers. Since business carpets received more traffic compared to those used at homes, they demand more frequent vacuum sessions of at least once daily.

  • Immediately Remove Stains

Whatever type of spill it is or what’s the cause, you need to remove them right away. This is because allowing stains to stay on your rug before removing them will cause you difficulties trying to get rid of them later on, plus they might even turn permanent markings on your carpet.

  • Use Safe and Gentle Products

Most carpets are made from dye materials that are sensitive to chemicals used in cleaning or stain removal. So before you use any product, read and understand their labels first so you’ll know if it’s ideal for your rug’s dye material. Just to be sure, test the solution on a tiny part of the fabric to see if it is indeed safe for your carpet and won’t cause it any damages.

  • Periodic Expert Cleaning

Although vacuuming is beneficial in keeping rugs looking clean and lessens the build-up of dirt, it is not capable of removing deep-seated bacteria, viruses, molds, dust mite and other sorts of pollutants found beneath the fibers. Professional cleaners make use of naturally powerful cleaning methods and equipments that will efficiently get rid of any harmful contaminants. It’s recommended that you have your carpet cleaned by expert technicians once or twice annually.

What you should NOT DO:

  • Scrubbing

When trying to remove spills or stains, never scrub your carpet or else you are causing more damage to it since scrubbing will make the stains spread to other parts of the rug and will even ruin to its fibers, making it look messy and old. Instead, gently blot the stain using a soft or dampen cloth to remove the food or liquid spills. Opt for gentle solutions that offer efficient cleaning but won’t leave behind toxic residues.

  • Use Bleach

Most people think that using bleach when cleaning their carpet is just fine. However, this harsh chloride solution is never ideal for rugs – especially those white or light -colored ones – since the chemicals found on bleach will surely harm its material and color dye.

  • Allowing Stains to Linger

Stubborn stains are often due to spills that have lingered on the carpet for a period of time already. These old stains will be very hard to remove that even using harsh solutions like bleach won’t eradicate them. You can however avoid this issue if you clean up spills right after they happened.

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