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Cat and Pet urine cleaning products comparison

cat urine cleaning products

Cats are disciplined pets. However, sometimes they can urinate in the wrong places such as on the carpet or furniture. A cat that is moody or unwell might fail to use his/her litter box.

Luckily you can use a specially adapted removal solution, either bought from a shop or made in your own at home. This article discusses some of these cat urine cleaning products.

Home remedies

One solution is to develop a quick home remedy. We’ll begin with a solution that you can make at home without too much hassle. Making this product requires some baking soda, distilled white vinegar, dish washing detergent and a drop of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. However, you do not necessarily need to use this specific mixture . First, you can try wetting the affected area with vinegar/water, then apply some baking soda into the area and finally add a mixture of the hydrogen peroxide with the detergent.

Enzyme based cleaners

Secondly, you can use commercially available products to clean up your cat’s urine or poo. One of these products is called Anti-Icky-Poo, which is a pet stain remover. The manufacturing of this solution involves the genetic alteration of bacteria and some enzymes, which perform the task of removing cat urine and odors. Using this remover is very easy, it involves spraying it around an area that is contaminated. Then you simply wait for it to dry. This way, you will have removed the odor and stain.

Biological cleaning solutions

You can also remove cat urine stains and odors by using the Bramton Simple Solution. This solution is available from various stores. It specifically contains bacteria that tackle the agents that cause cat urine odors. Once these odor causing agents are consumed by the bacteria, the resulting products are water and some carbon dioxide.

Other information

This article has not discussed all the products, which can help you to clean cat urine stains. You can find other products by using a search engine. However, always ensure that the product, which you use, is able to remove the odor caused by the ammonia in the urine. Otherwise, your cat will keep on urinating and marking its territory due to the ammonia smell.

This is because ammonia stimulates cats to keep on urinating on an area. In addition, have a veterinarian check your cat for any infections. This is because an infection can lead to this sporadic urination behavior in cats, as mentioned earlier. If infected, your vet should treat it to stop the urinating problem. Consequently, you end up reducing the chances of bad odors in your house.


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