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With so many types of floor coverings to choose from for your Waterford, Michigan company, carpet still remains a popular choice.  Many local businesses are still operating on a tight budget these days so making the right choices is important so that you get the best bang for your buck.

Taking the time to do some research before new carpet installation takes place, or even before making a trip to into a retailer’s showroom or the flooring department of a big box store, can pay off in dividends.  Knowledge is power, especially in the hands of a consumer.  Once you know what features will be most important to have for the specific areas of your Waterford, MI business, be sure to look up or ask for the commercial carpet specifications issued by the carpet manufacturers.  Bear in mind that if thick, plush, and luxurious carpeting is what you’re imagining for your business, that type of carpeting will look best and last longer in a residential setting.

Carpet Cleaning Excellence has compiled some of the most important features to consider before finalizing the purchase of the best type of commercial carpet for your company:

Function of Installation Area – Is the space consistently exposed to chemicals (dripping chlorine water from pools), super high levels traffic from feet, wheels (luggage, scooters, wheelchairs),  and/or light vehicles (airport transport carts, for example), inclement weather, or things like potential food and drink spills?  Then carpet may not be the best application in such areas unless you are willing to also invest in a lot of time and dollars in maintenance and measures to prevent damage.

Durability – Most businesses are considered high traffic areas and synthetic fibers will tolerate lots of daily foot activity best.  There are different levels synthetic fibers to select from, but nylon fiber is deemed best for commercial carpet applications.  Most ideal is nylon fiber carpet that is warrantied for at least 10 years and has a shorter and tighter (dense) pile because it will retain its overall color, texture, and fiber quality best.  Polypropelene is another synthetic, more budget conscious, option.

Density – Should be at least 4,000 and above for looped commercial carpet and 4,500 for cut-pile commercial carpet (the recommended minimum for moderate traffic areas).  This number indicates the number of ounces of yarn per square yard.  Super heavy traffic areas would require carpet with a number starting at 7,000-7,500.  A higher density carpet will not be as soft, but is more resistant to matting.

Pile – Looped pile is not as soft as cut-pile, but much easier on the company budget.  Cut-pile commercial carpet offers more luxury, extra style, and a higher level of refinement in company aesthetics.

Color and Pattern – ‘Heathered’ colors (a mixed color pile featuring a complementary base color) or patterned carpet in medium to a darker-medium color are preferable to solid colors.  Light colors will make the appearance of soiling more obvious and dark colors will make a show of lint.  Take into account the color of the soil in the immediate area as well.  Light-colored sand will be much more pronounced on darker carpet.  Experts recommend choosing commercial carpet with a base/complementary heathered or patterned color in a non-teal green, brown, tan, or rust color instead of, say, blue, white, cream, ivory, or gray.  Heathered colors are typically cheaper than patterns or solid colors.

Yarn Twist – Look for a higher number of twists, or a tighter twist, within an inch of yarn.  This is an indicator of how long a carpet can potentially look brand new.  Easily untwisted yarn results in accelerated matting down which will create a worn appearance sooner rather than later.  Matting will usually be visually most apparent in high traffic paths such as well-used hallways and where people make their way to places such as busy copy and breakroom areas.

Carpet Underlayment / Pad – Unlike residential carpet installation, a carpet pad isn’t always a requirement in commercial settings.  Discuss the area(s) in question with your carpet salesperson if there are factors to consider such as:  climate or sound control, employee standing fatigue, or steps that may benefit from using a carpet pad.  Make sure the pad meets the minimum requirement ratings recommended by the carpet mills for COMMERCIAL applications.  Cheap and/or below-rated commercial carpet underlayment put under nice commercial carpet may not be a positive trade-off for your business or the carpet.

Commercial Carpet Tiles vs. Rolled Carpet – Comes in loop or cut-pile, usually with the rubber backing attached.  Typically more expensive than carpet that is cut to fit from large rolls of carpet, but offers easy replacement of damaged or stained areas.

Maintenance and Cleaning – Commercial carpet and carpeted walk-off (entry/exit) mats should have a deep, hot water extraction (preferably truckmounted) cleaning at least once every 12 months by a certified, professional carpet cleaning company (as most carpet manufacturers recommend).  Lots of traffic on the surface of your carpet may warrant a deep cleaning every 6 months.  If your new carpet has a warranty, be sure to review what the specific cleaning requirements are.  If you (or your janitorial service) attempt to clean your carpet with a portable and/or rented carpet cleaner, and damage occurs as a result, your may void your warranty.  Ditto for neglecting the recommended manufacturer cleaning schedule.  Many carpet warranties have strict new guidelines.  Carpet cleaning companies often offer business budget-friendly scheduled maintenance plans and options such as carpet protection that make light work of daily/weekly cleaning duties.  Selecting the right color and pattern may also reduce the time and money your staff or janitorial contractors spend on cleaning.

Long or Short-Term Occupancy – The time you project your business will be in your current retail or office space may be a determining factor on the type and level of carpet you may decide to invest in.

Cost – Floors, unlike walls or ceilings, are exposed to constant use and spending the least amount of money on the lowest-quality commercial carpet will not make sense for the longterm.  The inconvenience and additional costs related to total, premature carpet replacement that comes as a result of overuse, abuse, and/or neglect can negatively affect the productivity of your business, employee morale, customer patronage, and the company budget.  Business owners also need to consider the possible short-term relocation of employees, moving of displays, equipment, and/or furniture, and adjustment of the days and hours of operation. 

Discuss all of the above with your carpet salesperson before any money is exchanged and work begins to ensure you get the best possible value on your new investment.  Have them explain warranty conditions and what you will need to do if you end up having to file a claim with the manufacturer and if their carpet installers are employees or sub-contractors. Be sure that the flooring contractor performing the installation your new carpet has a reputable (online and referral) history, is properly certified, licensed and insured according to State of Michigan requirements, and has sufficient experience in commercial settings.  Also, inquire about any labor warranties or satisfaction guarantees they may offer on the work being performed.

When it comes to getting your new carpet cleaned and protected, Carpet Cleaning Excellence makes the process of selecting the right commercial carpet cleaner for your Waterford, MI business much easier than selecting your new carpet.  This is because Carpet Cleaning Excellence has a longstanding reputation of providing quality carpet care to hundreds of Oakland County, MI businesses in the 25+ years it’s been in operation.  Our 100% money back guarantee and numerous satisfied client testimonials provide new clients with extra peace of mind when choosing us as their preferred carpet cleaning provider.  One call to 888-688-0603 is all it takes to set up a fast, free, and friendly no obligation quote or schedule an appointment.  You can also visit our website to obtain more information about our company and our services.

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