Birmingham, MI 48009 - Emergency Stain Removal Tips for Carpets, Maid Service

Emergency Stain Removal Tips for Carpets

1. Don’t Panic, but act fast. The longer a spill sits on the fiber the more likely it will penetrate and leave a stain. 2. Scrape up the excess with a spoon or dull knife3. Blot with a clean White towel (a stack of paper towels will work in a pinch). Step on them until no transfer takes place. Do not rub!4. Use only cool or lukewarm water to rinse.The codes in the table below indicate the cleaning agent to be used and the order in which they should be applied. ALWAYS TEST FOR COLORFASTNESS IN AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA PRIOR TO USING.CLEANING AGENTS: A = One tablespoon clear ammonia to one half cup waterD = Blot with PCS Spotter Blotter or mild neutral pH detergentE = Dry Cleaning Fluid such as EnergineF = Fingernail Polish Remover or AcetoneI =  Freeze with Ice Cubes (see #2 above)L = Let DryT = Paint Thinner or TurpentineV = One third cup white vinegar to two thirds cup waterW = Water*Call Carpet Cleaning Excellence CLEANING AGENT APPLICATION CHART:

STAINING MATERIALCLEANING SEQUENCEAlcohol, Beer, LiquorD, A, V, WChocolateD, A, V, WCoffee, TeaD, V, WCosmeticsE, D, A, V, WCrayonE, T, E, D, WFingernail PolishF, E, D, V, WFruit Juice/Food Dye*D, A, VGlueD, A, VGrease, Fats, Oil*E, D, A, V, WGumE, I, WIce CreamD, A, V, WInkD, W, A, WKetchup/TomatoD, A, V, WMudL, Brush, WMustardD, V, D, WPaint*T, D, WTar*E, T, D, WUrine*D, A, V, WWax*I, E, D, WWine*D, A, V, W, E