Carpet Cleaning Professional Techniques in Rochester Hills, MI


Keeping carpets clean is a hard task even when they are treated with protective products. Eventually and with use, vacuuming will no longer be enough and carpets will require a deep clean. Many cleaning methods and products are available to those who want to give their carpets a thorough clean, whether they choose to do it themselves or with the help of a professional carpet cleaner. Professionals use certain techniques which can’t possibly be performed by the average person.

These techniques will surely be helpful if you want to save a penny but if you are not confident about operating a steam cleaner or would like to make sure that your carpet is well cleaned, it is better to hire a professional to do it for you. No hassle, no worries! Carpet Cleaning Excellence,Rochester Hills, MI is at your service anytime.

The difficulty of this chore is moderately easy and the things you will need are the following - vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, carpet cleaning solution and clean cloth/ towel. Here are the techniques:

1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any superficial dirt, grit, sand, pollen or hair which will otherwise make steam cleaning difficult or less efficient. Make sure that the carpet edges are particularly well cleaned, as dirt easily collects in these areas.

2. Make sure the carpet is compatible with the steam cleaning/ hot-water extraction cleaning method and carpet cleaning solution.

3. Mix a solution of hot water and carpet cleaning solution. Dab any stains with a       white cloth dipped in the solution. Apply at the stains from the outside working your way in towards the center, until the stain no longer transfers onto the cloth.

4. Add the carpet cleaning solution to the steam cleaner according to the specific instructions on both the machine and the solution container. Run the steam cleaner over the entire surface of the carpet, starting at the opposite end of the room and working backwards, so as to avoid walking on the detergent-soaked areas.

5. Wait for five minutes to allow the detergent solution to soak into the carpet. Run the steam cleaner over the carpet again--on extraction mode--to suck the dirty water and detergent solution out of the wet carpet.

6. Ensure that all of the solution has been removed from the carpet, as any residual solution will cause the fibers to rot, resulting in browning, hardening and even de-laminating of the carpet. Run the steam cleaner over the carpet again, if any solution remains.

If this sounds like too much you should hire a professional cleaner. To learn more about a professional carpet cleaner in {$city), MI, visit Carpet Cleaning Excellence and check their available services and special discounts.