Clarkston, MI 48346 | 3 Best Ways to Care for The Brand New Carpet in Your Business


Updating your company’s office or retail environment with brand new carpet installation can be very exciting for you and your customers.  You can keep the gorgeous new carpet in your Clarkston, MI business looking fabulous year after year with these 3 helpful tips from a seasoned professional.

Quite often we find that many businesses throughout Southeast Michigan call us for carpet cleaning service once their carpet and walk-off (entry point) mats START to look dirty.  However, this is the point when your carpet has built up incredible amounts of debris and allergens in its fibers and is most susceptible to damage from the grinding caused by the sharp-edged dirt particles and daily foot traffic.  Brand new carpet that is only just a few years old and not well taken care of can easily look like it was installed TEN years ago.

If your Clarkston, MI business has recently made an investment in laying new carpet, the very best thing you can do is plan ahead by setting up an appointment with an experienced professional that specializes in commercial carpet cleaning within 12 months of installation.  This is the maintenance schedule recommended by the major carpet manufacturers.  If your brand new carpet comes with a warranty it may be void if you don’t keep up with regular annual cleanings.  If your carpet experiences high amounts of daily foot traffic, a thorough cleaning every 6 months will be optimal. 

The next best approach to brand new carpet care is to have carpet protection (commonly referred to as ‘Scotchguard’, etc.) applied during every annual cleaning service.  Many people tend to consider this an unnecessary ‘upsell’ feature, especially if their new carpet comes with built-in carpet resistance (such as Stainmaster or Teflon).  However, this carpet resistance does not last for the life of the carpet and needs to be reapplied.  The additional cost for reapplication has tremendous benefits and is truly worth the return on the investment and keeping your commercial carpet low maintenance.

Carpet Cleaning Excellence recommends that clients do their own independent research on how carpet protection can be a great benefit to maintaining the beautiful appearance of their new carpet and on their wallet, too.  There are many articles and videos that can be found on the internet from other very reliable sources.  We believe you will be thoroughly convinced when you see how spills don’t immediately get sucked into the fibers.  This makes cleanup more effective and prevents stains from setting in. 

Carpet protection also prevents solids and particles from embedding themselves deep down in the carpet allowing you, or your janitorial staff, to vacuum up much more fiber-grinding dirt, debris, and pollutants.  Opting to add carpet protection to your cleaning service simply keeps your carpet cleaner, healthier, and looking newer LONGER.  This translates into dollars saved when you consider the huge expense of replacing floor coverings.

Finally, it is imperative to stop the dirt and damage at the door.  Make sure you have high quality walk-off mats and/or runners that lay flat at every entry AND exit point of your Clarkston, MI business.  These are highly recommended even if you have hard surface floor areas.  Dirt particles are your floor covering’s worst enemy.  They will not only destroy carpet fibers, but they will mar a beautiful hard or vinyl floor finish over time.  Mats and runners that and made with high-quality rubber backing and/or have a grooved or textured surface are most effective in capturing the outdoor debris, moisture, mud, and snow melting salt residue from making their way inside your business.  Keep in mind that it also takes several steps before dirt, etc. starts to fall off the bottoms of shoes and other grooved types of footwear so make sure mats and runners are as long and plentiful throughout your business as possible.

The extra benefit of placing quality mats and runners in your business is that they provide safety for your customers and employees by minimizing slip and fall accidents and liability protection for your company.  They also reduce carpet wear in other interior spaces such as high traffic hallways, break room, and meeting room entry areas.

Once you have planned for and purchased new carpet for your company, having the number of an experienced and highly-trained commercial carpet cleaner at your fingertips will make carpet cleaning maintenance much easier on you and/or your staff.  Carpet Cleaning Excellence has the expertise and reputation many Clarkston, MI businesses have sought out since we started cleaning carpets throughout Oakland County, Michigan and all of Metro Detroit since 1988.  Call 888-688-0603 to set up an appointment for a fast, free, and friendly no-obligation carpet cleaning quote or visit our website at to obtain more information or send us an email inquiry on via our online Contact page. 

If you really want to keep the carpet in your business looking beautiful for years to come, don’t settle for less than Carpet Cleaning Excellence!

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