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Which upholstery holds up best in a household with a cat or dog?

Keep furry friends healthy, happy, and well-behaved with petkeeping advice from Martha.

Every pet owner dreams of furniture that repels hair, resists tearing, and can be cleaned easily. One material with these qualities is leather. Look for top-grain, semi-aniline leathers; scratches are disguised on such pieces because the hide is dyed through and then treated for additional protection and color consistency. If you prefer fabric, the best choices are tightly woven microfiber or microsuede. Avoid materials that feel loosely woven or thin, and look for terms like "high grade" and "tightly woven" on labels. Consider hues similar to your pet's hair as well as patterns, which can camouflage spots. Also think about what fits your cleaning style, and make sure the care any given piece would need seems reasonable. Finally, place an old towel or sheet where the family dog or cat likes to lounge, and simply toss the cover in the wash as needed.

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