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Consumer Education | What to Do When the Cleaning Service Just Isn’t Right

What should you do when the service you are receiving from your home cleaning service is not up to par? How should you handle it; what steps should be taken?

Communication is key--pick up the phone let the owner/ manager know what is going on with your cleaning. They should welcome your feedback!

Let’s face it; no one likes to make those phone calls, the ones where you have to complain to someone about what they are, or in this case likely aren’t, doing.

It is human nature to not like confrontation; it would be much easier in a perfect world where everyone did what they should do, or at least what you think they should do.

However, sometimes “issues” will come up with dealing with a service oriented company. The fact is, in service businesses for now, it is people providing the service, not robots, so no matter how professional a home cleaning may be, no matter how great the recruiting, hiring, and training process may be; sometimes systems break down and items can fall between the cracks, causing lack luster results.

So, what do you do?

First, give the situation some objective thought before you immediately pick up the phone to complain. Is this an isolated event; has the cleaning been good up until now, or is it an ongoing problem that has been building?

Was the quality good; then, it began to taper off?

Second, how much does it really matter to you; is it just a small item that you “just think should be done,” or is it a serious issue with overall quality and the value you are receiving?

If it is a one time isolated mishap, or likely over sight on the cleaning team’s part, then either email or call the service owner or manager directly. Let them know what as missed or specifically what you are not happy with; bring it to their attention. Any professional service should be overwhelmingly grateful for your gift!

Yes, gift!If you are willing to take the time to discuss the issue and if you sincerely want it to improve or be addressed because you want to keep the service, then that should be accepted as a gift. For every one client that takes the time to call and give input, there are 10 more unhappy clients who won’t bother to share, which is the only way real issues can be addressed and corrected.

If the service owner/manager  is overly defensive and challenges you on what you are telling them, then MOVE ON and find a new service.  Let them know if it is just a simple issue you are bringing to their attention that you want addressed on the next visit, or if it is a serious quality issue which the service should address immediately by sending the team back. Give the service the chance to correct what was missed and move forward; if the same issue, or other serious issues, appears, move on and find another service. On the other hand, if YOU the client is “in the wrong”, then be prepared for the service to cancel on you. Not every relationship is a fit.

All too often customers will let small issues go until those issues build up and then perhaps on a bad day all of the small issues that individually would not add up to much, all of a sudden become so much that the clients abruptly call and just cancel the service. This can be extremely frustrating to home cleaning companies that are working hard to build and run professional businesses that provide excellent service; the relationship after all must be a two way partnership if it is to be successful long term.