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The are many flooring replacement options for Troy, MI businesses to choose from.  The most economical and frequently used options are hard ceramic or porcelain tile, carpet, carpet squares, and vinyl composition tile squares.  These flooring choices offer the best in economy, longevity and wear.  Each require the initial purchase investment, then there is the future maintenance and cleaning costs to account for.  If you are looking to replace the floor coverings in your business, there are a few things to consider before seeking estimates and making a purchase.
Can Your Flooring Be Saved?
If an outdated color and style aren't primary concerns in your Troy, MI business, but poor condition or excessive dirt or wear are, perhaps your flooring can be cleaned or repaired at a lower cost.  For example, it is possible to repair broken, cracked or chipped ceramic tile with new tile pieces or using a epoxy repair technique.  Grout can be cleaned, repaired, resealed and re-colored.  Carpet can be professionally treated for stain removal, deep cleaned, and have carpet protection applied to resist future resoiling and stains in between cleanings.  Carpet can also be re-stretched, re-seamed, repatched or have discolored areas dyed (these are all best done in conjunction with a good carpet cleaning).  Carpet tile squares that are damaged or discolored can easily be removed and replaced.  In the case of commercial vinyl tile squares, these can be glued back down, individually replaced if damaged, and/or refinished (stripped and waxed) to get its clean, shiny, wet-look back.  A professional strip and wax job can also help protect the tile so that it is able to withstand future wear.
Your Floor Coverings Are Too Old And Outdated
If cleaning or repairing the existing floor coverings in your Troy, MI facility isn't an option, or you're making design changes to revamp and revitalize your company's environment or aesthetic brand, then it's time to consider your budget and the function of the areas where you would like the flooring replaced.  High traffic areas require more resilient carpet textiles or hard flooring options.  Carpet may be preferred in areas where noise is a factor to muffle sounds.  Medium, dark-colored, or floor coverings that incorporate designs can help with style and maintenance (dirt is not as apparent).  These days, new flooring innovations provide even more choices than ever before.  For example, there is now commercial vinyl composite tile flooring available that provides the look of hard tile combine at a lower cost with exceptional wear.  Another great choice to consider is ceramic and porcelain hard tile that resembles wood planking.
Consult With The Experts
Whether you're obtaining the new floor coverings for your business from a big box store or an independent retailer, it is always best to do a little research and know what types of flooring you are leaning towards before sitting down with a Troy, MI floor covering sales professional and making your final purchase. Once you have your preferences narrowed down consult with a few different retailers and installers for estimates.  The same applies if you are looking to repair and/or clean your flooring.  Seek personal references, check BBB reports and online reviews (Google Local, Yelp, and Angie's List).  You may also need to consider the interruption of your business operations and the available schedule of the installer or service provider.  It may be best to clean or re-cover your floors during a holiday period when activity is slow or your business is closed down.  
Protect Your Investment
Once your Troy, MI company's flooring is replaced, repaired, or cleaned, it is highly recommended to take the steps to protect your effort and investment.  Be sure to place durable commercial area rugs and long runners in high traffic and/or at entry points.  Vinyl protector mats under chairs in administrative areas are also a great idea. Make sure your janitorial staff is cleaning your floors with the right products and is vacuuming, sweeping, or dust-mopping on a regular basis. Excessive dirt and grit can damage hard surfaces or carpet fibers over time.  Learn what the manufacturer recommendations are for the cleaning and maintenance for your type of new flooring and be sure to schedule deep cleanings, resealing, or refinishing accordingly.  Depending on the area's activity, commercial carpet will typically need to be professionally cleaned once every 12-18 months, grout will need to be resealed every 1-3 years, and vinyl composition tiles must be periodically buffed and stripped and refinished/waxed at least once a year to several times a year.  The correct maintenance is essential to maintaining the looks and integrity of your flooring to make sure that it lasts.  It is important to consider these costs when making a flooring replacement decision for your Troy, MI business.
A Klein Company provides commercial and industrial cleaning services to small and large businesses throughout Metro Detroit.  Since 1988, we've been specializing in the cleaning and beautification of commercial carpet, hard tile, and VCT floors.  We assess the condition of your flooring and provide a prescription for cleaning and ongoing maintenance or advise on any needed replacement.  Call Darren Klein at 800-750-5650 for a free onsite consultation in Troy, MI.


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