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If you're the type of person that can't sit behind a desk all day, likes to work with your hands, is adept at solving problems, and enjoys dealing with people, then carpet cleaning should be a career you should consider.  There is plenty of carpet to be cleaned in Oakland County, Michigan and the opportunities are limitless.
When you clean carpet for a living you get to see the immediate results of your handiwork, and so does your client.  There's a great sense of personal satisfaction to be had when you encounter spots, stains, and dirt that are making the client unhappy and, with the right approach, technique, equipment, and product, these can be made to vanish in mere hours right before their eyes.
You do not need formal education, such as college, or even a technical degree, to start a carpet cleaning career.  A high school diploma or GED is usually sufficient, as is any prior related experience in customer service or direct sales.  If you already have a background in retail or business-to-business contact, this is a great start to getting your foot in the door as a helper or as an entry-level technician.  Eventually, taking courses to obtain carpet cleaning technician certification by the IICRC (now Clean Trust) may be a requirement.
A clean criminal history is something that most Oakland County, MI carpet cleaning companies worth their salt will require from prospective employees.  This is for the liability protection of the company and for the personal protection of the customer from violence or theft.  There is a level of trust and security that cannot be taken for granted by the carpet cleaning technician.  Clients are letting you into their personal space beyond their locked doors and that must be respected.
Entry-level carpet cleaning technicians will have a lot of on-the-job training.  They will usually learn about company policies, safety procedures, sales techniques, to name a few, on the "business end" of things. Established company policies are in place with good reason.  They set a level of expectation and accountability on how the work should be carried out and how internal and external client relations are handled.  Dress and grooming policies are also super important.  It puts forth a positive company image to the general public and creates additional peace of mind and trust in the client.
Then there are the technical, mechanical, and even scientific requirements, to be learned on the job.  Proper equipment operation and maintenance are crucial so that all the tools and machinery required can function at optimum cleaning levels and to maintain operational longevity.  Any misuse or breakdowns can throw a wrench into the week's job schedule and unexpected repairs can eat at the company's bottom line.  Operator error can also result in overly wet carpet, leaving behind dirt-attracting residue and stains that reappear.
Customer service and technical education is also paramount for any truly professional carpet cleaning technician in Oakland County, MI.  Being conscious of client needs and concerns and offering reasonable solutions in a diplomatic manner sets a great tone. Technicians aren't magicians and it helps to be able to reasonably communicate that a neglected 10-year-old carpet with lots of wear, dirt, and pet stains may not look like it did when it was newly installed. Also, the added proficiency of educating the client on how to properly treat fresh stains and take better care of their rugs, carpets & upholstery after cleaning will make the technician's work easier on a return visit.  While in the home it is imperative to take much care to protect walls and other items in the home from damage.  All of these things will go a long way in providing a value-added cleaning service to clients.
Anticipating needs that a client didn't know they had is a finer art that may come naturally or should eventually come about with experience and time.  Doing so effectively may boost the day's ticket with little to no effort.  A client may have called just to get their carpets cleaned, but while you are in the home doing an estimate you can provide a proper cleaning evaluation if you make the extra effort to inquire about pets and children in the household, family allergies, stained or dirty upholstery (furniture and mattresses), dirty tile and grout lines, to upsell or reinforce other beneficial services and features.  It will be a win-win for you and the client if the approach stems from being helpful and providing education versus one of high-pressure sales.
The salary of a full-time carpet cleaning technician can start in the $25K range and up to the $40K range.  Take-home wages depend on location, experience, and if the position involves bonuses based on upsells.  Top earning technicians can earn up to $50K annually.  Really satisfied clients may also feel inclined to tip technicians for great work and for going the extra mile.  Some cons to being a carpet cleaning technician in Oakland County, MI is the ongoing physical nature of the work, dealing with inclement weather, ornery customers, pet waste and odor, and bad traffic while going from job to job.  However, some technician's see great opportunities in cleaning carpet, upholstery, and tile for a living and progress to buying their own truckmounted equipment to launch their own carpet cleaning business or decide to invest in 
a turn-key franchise operation.
Not everyone is cut out to work behind a desk or cash register and see the same things and people day after day when they head to work.  Every day in carpet cleaning is varied and a time to make a difference.  Consider the prospect of being a carpet cleaning technician in Oakland County, Michigan today by contacting Carpet Cleaning Excellence at 888-688-0603 or submitting your resume online at  We are looking for a few good men (or women) who a highly self-motivated, hard-working, possess a friendly face and demeanor, and an intense desire to succeed.  We will give you all the training you will need to professionally clean carpet, tile, upholstery, pet accidents, and mattresses.  Carpet Cleaning Excellence is an independent, family-owned, top-rated operation serving the Southeast Michigan area for over 25 years.  We have a great roster of clients and are always looking to secure more with the help of a great rug and furniture cleaning team member who is on the same page with helping the company meet its target growth and financial goals.  You will train will a master technician with the end goal of being on the truck by yourself and then possibly training a helper to work with you in time.  
If you are a self-starter with leadership, manual, and sales skills, who can lift 75-80 lbs., you will assuredly shine in this position.  Our company provides excellence in service and recognizes excellence in individuals looking to become a part of our ace team of cleaners!  Bonus:  You'll also have great bosses to deal with who will mentor and train you all the way through from the cleaning and technical aspects of the job to the very best (friendly, no-pressure) sales and marketing tactics.  The start pay is $17.00 an hour with MUCH room to grow for individuals who prove themselves to be motivated and hungry to dominate the local carpet cleaning industry in Metro Detroit!
Check out our YouTube video page to see what transpires in the day in the life of a carpet cleaner and what our wonderful customers say about us (and what we want them to say about you too when you come onboard with Carpet Cleaning Excellence)!
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