[Guest Post] Knee Pads: Must-Have Item for Easier House Cleaning | Cleaning Tips, Clarkston, MI


Knee-pads aren't just for professional atheletes, construction workers, or remodelers.  You will make lighter work of cleaning your Clarkston, MI home by donning a pair of knee-pads--a tip that comes highly recommended by a local professional house cleaner in Oakland County, MI.

Knee Pads: Must-Have Item for Easier House Cleaning | Cleaning Tips, Clarkston, MI


By Luna MartinProfessional House CleanerA Clean Dream in White Lake, MI

Many homeowners in Clarkston, MI have a variety of house cleaning products, tools and accessories at the ready for their routine and spring cleanings. However, one great addition to the home cleaning arsenal that is often overlooked is a pair of knee pads.Professional house cleaners in Clarkston, MI and all across the country have long utilized knee pads to alleviate the stress on their knees and body brought on by the physical nature of their daily cleaning jobs. As many homeowners are aware, the work of cleaning homes involves a lot of stooping, kneeling, reaching, bending over and repetitive motion. This type of labor can contribute to a world of hurt and needless wear and tear on your body (even if the cleaning is done on an occasional basis).


If you experience pain or fatigue as a result of cleaning your Clarkston, MI home, a one-time investment of $5-$25 in a pair of knee pads will pay off in dividends. They can be found in specialty gardening supply stores, the power tool department or your local big box home retailer, or very easily online. The best type of knee pads are lightweight, will have comfortable straps, a soft, non-marring surface (so as not to damage floor coverings), a good amount of cushion between your knees and the floor, and be waterproof or water resistant. Knee pads come in a variety of soft, knee and floor-friendly materials to consider such as contoured foamneoprene and some are gel-injected.


Be sure to strap on a pair of knee pads before you start the task of cleaning yourClarkston, MI home. You’ll find that they make lighter work of vacuuming, cleaning tubs, toilets, ovens, lower kitchen and bath cabinets, beds, and increase your opportunities of getting into more nooks and crannies. Not only that, knee pads bring on a sense of power, legitimacy and seriousness to the cleaning work you’re about to do. Wearing knee pads is the professional house cleaning superhero equivalent to wearing a cape. Once you put them on you will realize powers you never knew existed.



A Clean Dream considers the cleaning of homes serious business, which is why knee pads are an important part of our cleaning routine and why we highly recommend them to be included in yours. However, if house cleaning is your own personal Kryptonite, give us a call at 248-935-7909. We’ll bring our knee pads and supercleaner powers to your Clarkston, MI home and save you from the debilitating prospect of doing it yourself.



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