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If you're looking to replace the carpet in your Clarkston, Michigan home, there are many factors to consider.  You must take into account the type of carpet fiber varieties there are available, the amount of occupants in your household, and the level of quality you can afford.  This article will provide you with more details to determine whether you should replace your existing carpet soon and what you should be looking for if you would like to invest in new carpeting.


How Long Before Carpet Needs to Be Replaced?

By J. Lang Wood, eHow Contributor

Carpeting can add much to home décor. It is one of the most expensive decorating items for most families. With many materials, designs and prices to research, homeowners can spend hours selecting the right carpet for their needs. Generally, the qualityimage and type of material affects the durability of carpeting in the home. Several factors influence the length of time before your carpeting needs to be replaced. Have a question? Get an answer from a handyman now!


Basic Carpeting Information

  • Carpeting comes in a variety of categories called "grades" that indicate the length of fiber and the density of the fibers -- that is, how closely together the carpet tufts are woven. These grades give you information about how the carpeting will look and how well it will wear. In general, new carpeting should last between five to 20 years, according to the LesterCarpet site. Exactly how often your carpeting needs to be replaced depends on how much wear it gets and how well and how frequently it is maintained.

Type of Material

  • Wool is the most expensive of carpet types, with a soft feel and good wear resistance that makes it last for many years. It does not clean easily, however, which makes it a bad choice for homes with young children or pets. Nylon is the longest-wearing and most resilient carpet fiber you can buy, according to ABC Carpet expert Alan J. Fletcher. Nylon is a good choice for areas with high foot traffic. It is second to wool in cost, however. Polyester is low in cost but does not have the resilience of nylon or wool. Polyester carpeting lasts only around five years due to is tendency to crush and wear.

    Room Usage

    • Certain areas of the home may see more frequent foot traffic and wear than others. Bedrooms are generally frequented only at night, whereas family rooms, living rooms and dining areas have heavier usage. Bathroom carpeting may get wet frequently and develop mildew problems. Foyers and hallways can see heavy foot traffic, requiring more frequent replacement of carpeted areas, sometimes as often as every three to five years.

    Children and Pets

    • Having pets and children, of course, can have a significant impact on the carpeting in your home. Children and their friends tend to run and skid on carpet surfaces. They also may run toys along the carpet fibers, which can damage them. Spills and stains might also be a problem with children in the house. Pets might leave little "surprises" for their owners that require frequent cleanup and scrubbing. These activities can cause severe wear on carpet fibers, so that the carpeting might need more frequent replacement.


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