How To Avoid A 'Wet-and-Jet' Low Price Coupon Carpet Cleaning Scam | Rochester Hills, MI



We’ve all seen the ads and too good to be true carpet cleaner coupons within them.  3 rooms and hall for $59.95, the limited time $9.95 a room special, 50% off Groupon-type offerings on carpet cleaning. Most consumers would assume that value goes hand in hand with quality and care based on those kinds of prices.  Unfortunately, this usually isn’t the case.  There are a number of things to a consumer should consider when seeking to hire a reputable carpet cleaner that will provide them with the best carpet cleaning in Rochester Hills, MI.

Hire a budget coupon carpet cleaner and you run the risk of getting, as many call it in called in the industry, “wet and jet” carpet cleaning service.  Since the price ends up being so cheap, the carpet cleaner usually has no choice but to rush your cleaning to make it worth their while.  A rushed carpet cleaning will not be one that will leave you with genuinely clean results.  This could lead to operator error and negligence.  You could end up with overly wet carpet that could breed an unhealthy mold situation and dirt-attracting soap residue.  Sometimes the carpet will LOOK clean when the wet-and-jet carpet cleaner gets done.  Once he's gone and the carpet dries, the carpet still ends up looking dirty.  Not only that, the carpet cleaner may not take the care and time to treat your spots and stains properly.  He may not even move basic furniture or personal items to perform a thorough cleaning (if he even moves them at at all).  Carpet Cleaning Excellence spends 2-3 hours on average in a client's home.

Another issue that is likely to come along with hiring a low-cost carpet cleaning service is that, in the end, it may not be as cheap as initially anticipated.  Very often putting out an ad with unbelievable pricing is a planned tactic to get the carpet cleaning company in the door and put high pressure tactics on the client to for upsell of additional services.  You end up paying a whole lot more for spot treatment, carpet stain protectant and other add-on services.   

The question we at Carpet Cleaning Excellence always ask prospective clients is, "Why go through the stress and the risk of being the victim of a carpet scam?"  Don't just take our word for it.  We recommend going to YouTube and simply entering in the words “carpet scam” in the search box.  There you will see dozens of news stories and consumer information on how to avoid being scammed by a cheap carpet cleaner.  You can also go to the Videos section of our website or subscribe to the Carpet Cleaning Excellence channel on YouTube.  A visit to our website pays off in a wealth of additional information on what you should expect and demand from a reputable carpet cleaning company in Rochester Hills, MI.  A well-informed client is our very best client because they know the value and peace of mind they will get when they hire Carpet Cleaning Excellence to service their home.

We offer 3 package pricing options to suit your family’s and home’s custom cleaning needs.  We INCLUDE vacuuming and spot removal.  You will also receive an incredibly thorough cleaning by a trained and certified carpet cleaning professional.  Carpet protectant is never an upsell.  In fact, it’s included as a part of every package as insurance against future stains and spills and groom your carpet to aid in faster drying.  Our drying times can’t be beat either.  Did you know that a carpet cleaning by Carpet Cleaning Excellence in Rochester Hills, MI will allow you to be able to walk on your carpet usually within 2-3 hours?!!  Even better, we guarantee our work 100%.  If you are not satisfied we will come back and reclean the areas in question for FREE.  If you are still not happy we will refund your money 100%.   We encourage you to ask any budget, fly-by-night coupon carpet cleaner if all the package options offered by Carpet Cleaning Excellence are covered in their final pricing and scope of service.  We believe you will find out this will not be the case.  Our company offers true value, quality and skill with every carpet cleaning at a fair and affordable price.

Every quality conscious consumer in Rochester Hills, MI and surrounding areas should do their due diligence when deciding to hire the best carpet cleaner and parting with their hard earned dollars.  You can start by visiting our website  While there you can learn about our service and sign up to immediate receive our Consumer’s Inside Guide To Carpet Cleaning.  This is a valuable guide on how to find the best carpet cleaner and how to spot the warning signs of a potential carpet scam.  You can also call us at 888-688-0603 to arrange a quick 15 minute, no pressure carpet assessment.