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Super low-priced coupons for rock bottom carpet cleaning that arrive in neighborhood mailers and inserts in the local Keego Harbor, MI paper are quite irresistible, but do they really offer the deals advertised for those whole house or by-the-room cleanings?

According to the major carpet mills, carpet should be deep cleaned at least once a year to keep it healthy and looking its very best.  The ultimate type of carpet cleaning is done by a trained professional using commercial truckmounted hot water extraction equipment in conjunction with industry formulated cleaning agents.  Bonus if those agents are safe for children and pets.  All ‘professionals’, however, are not cut from the same cloth in quality, price, and service. 

We’ve personally experienced how cheap prices don’t necessarily translate into quality work based on the numerous calls we gotten from clients over the years to redo the cleanings by other companies that have left behind dirt-attracting residue, reappearing spots, and/or overly wet carpets.  Quite often these well-meaning clients were sucked in by an incredible carpet cleaning special they could not refuse and ended up having to pay much more than they anticipated because they had to have the work corrected.  Such situations also became a big hassle due to the extra time that had to be sacrificed to prepare for another cleaning appointment.

Another problem with low, enticing prices is that these are usually ‘introductory rates’ for the most basic (and sometimes rushed) carpet cleaning while the advertising seems to imply you are getting a full-service deal.  Once the technician from the Super Cheap Carpet Cleaning Company has made his way into your door you may find that everything above the basic cleaning is extra and end up with an inflated bill you were not expecting.  You may also feel pressured into agreeing to services you may not have needed or wanted.  Such bait-and-switch tactics are the specialty of unscrupulous carpet cleaners out to make a quick buck versus securing a loyal and happy customer for years to come.  Unfortunately, a number of horror stories, video news reports, and hidden camera exposes can easily be found on the internet showing how real life homeowners got duped or their carpet ruined by inexperienced scam artists.  It’s a scary prospect, but we feel you should know the whole truth about the dark side of our industry and how to protect yourself from it.

So how can you save money on getting the carpet cleaned in Keego Harbor, MI home and find a company that you can trust to provide an incredible carpet cleaning with integrity?   The short answer is:  choose Carpet Cleaning Excellence!  With over 25 years experience serving new and repeat residential and commercial clients throughout Oakland County, MI and Metro Detroit, numerous happy clients (see our glowing testimonials), an iron-clad money-back guarantee, and our desire to have you as a satisfied client for life is what gives our clients the ultimate peace of mind.  We also offer lots of ongoing opportunities for new and established clients to save on their cleanings and make things easy on the family or company budget year after year such as:

·         $25 introductory discount to new clients on any service we offer

·         Fast, free, and friendly no-obligation quotes and complete carpet evaluations:  you know what your cleaning costs before any work starts or you decided to book an official appointment

·         Exclusive monthly specials via our newsletter to established clients and voluntary subscribers

·         Social media specials

·         Referral Rewards Program:  Receive $25 off for EACH friend or family member you send our way that books an appointment

·         Frequent Cleaner Program:  Subscribers get every other cleaning half off

·         Flexible Payment Plan:  Break up your invoice into 2 or 3 easy monthly payments

·         30 day free no-spot return visit guarantee

·         100% satisfaction money backed, no worries guarantee:  If you don’t love your cleaning we will come back to reclean the affected areas at no cost to you, if you still don’t love it you get your money back

Carpet Cleaning Excellence also doesn’t nickel and dime its clients with add-on cleaning options.  We make it easy to choose one of three full-service comprehensive cleaning packages that are customized to suit your cleaning needs and budget.  We also never advertise low by-the-room or base whole house flat rate pricing as our technicians measure and provide quotes on only the open areas to be cleaned for the most accurate pricing around.  Once quoted, your price will not suddenly change with unnecessary, high-pressure upsells and we are members of

Give us a call at 888-688-0603 to set up your free carpet evaluation or if you need us to answer any questions.  Visit our website to obtain more information on our company and services and be sure to sign up for our fun and informative monthly newsletter which comes with select specials for subscribers only.  Carpet Cleaning Excellence also provides high quality cleaning to hard tile, vinyl tile, furniture, and mattresses to homes and businesses throughout Keego Harbor, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Waterford, Rochester, and Commerce, MI.

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