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Carpet Cleaning Done Right!

Another Way to Keep Your Home Healthy and Clean...

By Darren Klein


For those homeowners who believe in maintaining a beautiful home inside and out, a regularly scheduled carpet cleaning is probably on the top of their list.  However, when it comes to proper carpet care, it's easy for some carpet cleaning companies to pull the wool over your eyes.

We've all seen the advertisements for discount carpet cleanings.  Some who fall into the trap of an over-the-phone quote or a one-price-fits-all mentality realize there are strings attached when the company arrives, adding charges for services they thought to be included.  Others don't realize they've been had until a few days, weeks, or months after cleaning, noticing an unusual amount of dirt build-up or unnecessary wear and tear on their carpet.

Many companies offering discount carpet cleaning aren't taking the proper steps that results in a thorough cleaning.  When companies offer a discounted price, it's often because they are skipping steps crucial in proper carpet care.  In addition, many companies are uneducated when it comes to carpet cleaning and the PH system, using harsh chemicals that strip the life from the carpets and add years of wear and tear overnight.

Any company that offers a quote over the phone should be avoided.  Experienced companies know giving an honest quote requires an assessment of the carpet in question.  The pre-inspection step will give an accurate diagnosis and allow the homeowner to communicate their concerns and point out any problem areas.

Cleaning companies should always pre-vacuum the carpet.  More than 80 percent of soils can be removed by vacuuming.  If this step is skipped, dirt and grime is simply watered down, creating an even dirtier carpet.

Pre-conditioning is an important step often overlooked by discount companies.  Before the regular cleaning and agitating stage, the carpet is sprayed with a high PH cleaning solution, breaking down the dirt that settles in high-traffic areas.

After properly cleaned, carpet should be rinsed, removing any additional cleaning solution that would otherwise attract dirt.  Then a dry pass should be made without water or solution to facilitate the drying process.  The final step involves a thorough grooming, which pulls out any left over fibers and separates each strand to further facilitate drying.

Companies that are confident in their ability to maintain your carpet offer a satisfaction guarantee and should complete every step mentioned here.  To contact a local company dedicated to proper carpet care, you can contact Carpet Cleaning Excellence at 888-688-0603 or visit our website  We have been fulfilling the carpet maintenance needs of Oakland and Macomb counties for over 25 years.  Ask us why the cold weather season is a good time for a carpet cleaning and how often your carpet should be treated based on your lifestyle.

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