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Spring is a time for new beginnings.  There is no better occasion to take care of those important deep cleaning tasks in your Orion Township, MI home, especially after a long winter season.  Depending on your available time, budget and level of motivation, you can decide to tackle your spring cleaning checklist on your own or hire a variety of professional home maintenance service companies to take care of them for you.  Carpet and rug cleaning is one such job and getting your soft surface floor coverings deep cleaned can be a joy or a chore depending on their current condition.

First, let's address carpet cleaning maintenance.  If you are vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis (once or twice a week) with a quality HEPA-filter vacuum and tackling spots with the appropriate technique and solutions as soon as they happen, then congrats, you're doing a great job!  Getting up pet hair, dust, dirt particles, dander and other nasties that accumulate out of your carpet as a result of daily living is job #1.  This is especially important if you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma and/or if you have a lot of traffic or occupants in your home.  If vacuuming and stain prevention hasn't been a big part of your house cleaning maintenance duties, all hope may still not be lost.  A proper deep cleaning could provide you with the fresh start you're looking for this spring and the wonderful thing is that you have a few options to choose from to get the job done.
One of those options consists of doing it yourself.  DIY deep carpet cleaning typically involves renting an upright steam cleaning unit from a local retailer or using a home unit you have already have in your home or can borrow.  Renting a unit entails the rental cost , in addition to the purchase of necessary cleaning solutions, and the gas expended to pick the unit up and drop it back off.  You're looking at laying out a minimum of $40-$60 in basic rental related costs.  Your expenses can run double that or more if you have large areas of carpet to do, need to rent upholstery attachments and any related furniture cleaning solutions, and decide to purchase specialized spot, stain, or traffic lane pre-treatments.  If you have pets you may also decide to add pet urine and odor cleaners to the mix.  The benefits of using a home cleaning unit (if it's not borrowed) is that you already have it available in-house and you know where it's been.  Outside of that you will run into the same additional cleaning solution costs and travel-related commitments as a rental unit obtained from a local Orion Twp, MI retailer.  
With DIY carpet cleaning, you also have to consider your personal time and physical capacity in getting the job done.  You'll have to move furniture prior to cleaning, prep your cleaning solutions and equipment, and stop to make several water/cleaning solution changes throughout the DIY cleaning process.  You can potentially spend several hours getting the carpet in your Orion Township, MI home deep cleaned on your own.  You'll also have to consider waiting for the carpet to dry and then moving all of your furniture back.  If the carpet is still damp, you should protect the legs or bottom pieces of your furniture if your carpet is still damp.  Spring cleaning your carpet may be a physically draining prospect if you're not in good health or decent physical shape, in which case you may want to request some assistance from a friend or family member prior to starting the job.
Hiring a reputable, professional carpet cleaning company is also a terrific way to get your carpets and rugs super clean and healthy again.  Certified and experienced carpet cleaning techs possess vast amounts of knowledge and expertise in carpet fiber types and how to best deal with spots, stains, and high traffic areas.  They will also clean the carpet and rugs in your Orion Twp, MI home with industrial-grade equipment , tools, and cleaning solutions.  Many will even move light furniture and place foam or plastic tabs under the legs or bottoms of your furniture for extra protection.  A professional carpet cleaning can also be more affordable than you might think when you consider all the costs and time involved in doing this type of house cleaning job yourself.  With one phone call you can set up an appointment for a thorough carpet evaluation, explore your cleaning options, and secure an estimate with a respectable carpet cleaning operation.  If you're happy and comfortable with the company and your (hopefully, written) estimate, all that's left to do is to set up a convenient appointment get the job done.    
Hiring the best carpet cleaner in Orion Township, Michigan is as easy as calling Carpet Cleaning Excellence at 888-688-0603.  We help you avoid the hassle of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning so that you can tackle the easier spring cleaning jobs around your home.  Your time is valuable and your life is most assuredly a busy one, so if you just want to sit back, relax, and take it easy while we do all the work, hiring a pro is a no-brainer in any respect.  All of our Metro Detroit-based new clients can take advantage of a $25 introductory discount and pick one of our full-service cleaning packages that come with the best guarantees in Oakland County, Michigan.  Spring is a super busy time for us, so please call today to book your FREE, no-pressure, no obligation cleaning estimate.  We're so good at assessing your carpet and its issues that it takes a mere 15 minutes.  We look forward to meeting you and tell you how we can help keep your carpet and rugs looking their best!
Carpet Cleaning Excellence has been serving the areas of Lake Orion, Orion Township, Oxford, Clarkston, Waterford, Springfield and Independence Township, Michigan for over 25 years.  Our hub in Waterford, MI allows us to dispatch a state-of-the-art truckmount cleanng unit and master technician to take care of all your spring cleaning carpet care needs.  Best of all, our guarantee is that you get the most thorough cleaning ever or it's FREE!  This is in addition to our 30-day unlimited 'No Spot' return visit guarantee.  Be sure to check out the rest of our website for more information on our company and risk-free services.  Saturday appointments are available on special request.
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