Troy, MI 48083 | How To Remove Copier Toner From Office Carpet


Cleaning toner spills isn’t always easy, but the sooner the clean-up takes place, the better chance you will have preventing the toner stain to set into the carpet in your Troy, MI office.  

We have gotten our fair share of calls from office personnel who have accidently spilled very fine black copy toner onto their company carpet and, cleaning up the mess in a panic, ended up causing a difficult to remove stain in the process.  It is possible to remove toner powder out of carpet fibers, but taking the proper clean-up approach is absolutely imperative in achieving good results.  Here are some useful tips:

#1)  Remove excess powder by using a dustpan and/or vacuum up the excess powder with an extension vacuum tool or use the vacuum WITHOUT running sing the beater bar brush is the most important step in the removal process.  Engaging and running the beater bar brush will grind the dark powder into your carpet significantly increasing difficulty in removal.  Since toner powder is very fine it is preferable to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

#2)  Use a non-flammable dry cleaning solvent (can be obtained from most major retail or hardware outlets).  Apply to the edge of the stain, starting from the outside in.  Blot gently with a clean, dry white cloth.  Repeat if necessary.  If no dry cleaning fluid is immediately available, use rubbing alcohol in the same manner.  You may need to do this a number of times and utilize a wet/dry vac extract the excess liquid.

If you came upon this article a little too late and were unable to follow the above steps exactly, or the results you achieved following them were not up to your desired expectations, then it is time to call an experienced commercial carpet cleaner to come to your Troy, MI office as soon as possible.  The longer any spot or spill sits in carpet fibers it is more likely to become an unsightly stain that cannot be removed.  Set in stains can only be dealt with very expensive total carpet replacement, cutting out the affected area and replacing with an extra carpet remnant, or creatively rearranging the furniture in the room to cover the mark.

Carpet Cleaning Excellence can help your Troy, MI business keep your carpet looking beautiful and protected year after year.  Whether it’s emergency spot removal, an annual deep cleaning, or more routine service for high traffic areas, our family-owned company has over 25 years experience in total commercial carpet fiber, rug, walk-off mat, and office upholstery care throughout Metro Detroit and Southeast MI.  Call 888-688-0603 or visit to set up a fast, free, and friendly no-obligation estimate for a complete carpet cleaning or an urgent service call for surprise copy toner spills.  You’ll be glad you did!

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