Why You Should Clean Your Upholstery Before It LOOKS Dirty | Upholstery Cleaning, Rochester, MI


Furniture and upholstery doesn't necessarily have to have obvious dirt and stains to benefit from a professional upholstery cleaning from a Rochester, MI carpet cleaning company.  Learn why it may be a good idea to deep clean your furniture on a regular basis. 

If you're performing basic maintenance cleanings on your furniture such as regular vacuuming, turning and changing the placement of cushions for more even wear, and blotting up stains when they happen, congratulations, you're taking proactive steps in keeping your furniture looking its best!  Another way to prolong the life of your furniture in your Rochester, MI home or business is by avoiding its prolonged exposure to sunlight.  Sun damage can cause the fabric to prematurely fade and even fray so being conscious of where your furniture is placed in a room.  Adding sun-filtering window treatments can go a long way in preserving the color and condition of fabric coverings. 

But don't be fooled, furniture that looks clean will benefit from a deep steam cleaning by an experienced Rochester, MI upholstery cleaning company.  Did you know that furniture industry experts recommend deep cleaning your furniture every 6-18 months (depending on the level of its daily use)?  While regular maintenance cleanings only address what lies on the surface of the upholstery, but tougher stains, cigarette smoke, and odors from cooking and pets can only be effectively removed with a much deeper and thorough cleaning to get it sanitized and restored to like-new condition in many cases.  

Deep cleaned upholstery not only smells fresh and looks great, but it also contributes to an healthier home and office environment by removing pollutants and allergens that contribute to (and aggravate) respiratory conditions.  With that in mind, it's advisable to hire a professional Rochester, MI upholstery cleaning company that packs a one-two cleaning punch with powerful truckmount equipment and that uses non-toxic cleaning solutions.  Manual methods and upholstery steam cleaning rental and home machines simply can't provide the deep-down clean commercial-grade equipment can.  Avoiding use and exposure to chemical-based upholstery cleaners and fabric protection is also better the health of your family, pets, employees, and the environment. 

When you're ready to schedule a TRUE deep clean of your upholstery, give Carpet Cleaning Excellence a call at 888-688-0603 or contact us via email at info@klein-cleaning.com.  With over 25 years of furniture cleaning experience, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and the best in green-certified cleaning products, we only offer the highest quality upholstery cleaning home and business owners in Rochester, MI expect and deserve.  All of our carpet, tile and furniture cleaning services are backed by a 100% no-risk, you love it or it's FREE guarantee and fabric protection application is always INCLUDED. 

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