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Your Carpet Stains Might be Plotting to Destroy You


The ball has dropped marking the end of 2012, and you wake up to a new day in a new year filled with a sense of anticipation at the bountiful possibilities 2013 could bring.  And then you look at your carpet.  Your newfound optimism plummets as you remember that your carpet made a lot of dirty friends in 2012 and they are looking forward to another rent-free year under your feet.  You suspect that those seemingly innocent coffee and juice spills, pet accidents, and mystery stains have banded together and might be plotting to destroy you.  At the very least, they do not want you to walk around barefoot or invite anyone over…ever.  You need to take back your life and you need help.   

Here are the top 10 reasons you should hire a professional carpet cleaner:

10.  You can erase any incriminating evidence of what you did last year.

  9.  Your carpet looks like a Jackson Pollack painting made with spaghetti sauce and red wine and you don’t like abstract expressionism.

  8.  High-traffic areas have turned into large metropolises with their own suburbs.

  7.  You thought you were petting fluffy but realized you’ve been petting giant hairballs for several months.

  6.  You can’t find fluffy.

  5.  You think that stain from your child’s toppled science experiment might be growing and you’re afraid to sleep at night.

  4.  You can’t ask guests to take off their shoes without fear of a lawsuit or of starting a plague outbreak.

  3.  You can’t invite guests over.

  2.  You think your carpet stains may be trying to communicate with you and you’re starting to listen and think they have a good sense of humor.

  1.  You live in Oakland County.

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