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We put this testimonial from a longtime client at the top of our list because it really reflects what many people go through when they are seeking high quality carpet cleaning at an affordable price.  After coming across an irresistable discount offer, our client decided to give a new carpet cleaning company (who shall remain nameless) a try.  We appreciate his candor and that he took the time to write us about his experience with the discount competitor and how the service, results, and price he received from them compared to what we offer here at Carpet Cleaning Excellence.  We're glad to have you back Mr. Jagdeo!

"Hi Susan,

Thank you again for doing a great job, once again.  Earlier this summer we tried to save a few bucks by using another carpet cleaner with a whole house coupon for $99.

As stated, you get what you pay for.  First they came in for $99, for somewhat basic services. They did try to up-sell their other, more expensive services. Then there was a charge for the stairs. 

We went with a little more than the basic, spent about $200, twice the coupon price.  They quickly sprayed the chemical, performed the service, raked and left.  They were in and out in less than 60 mins.

A few hours later as the carpet dried, you could notice a few things:

1. Not as clean as I expected.

2. They did not vacuum at the beginning.

3. The baseboards were quite dirty from their machine.

After you factor in your mid year discount, the price you charge for a full year is about the same except:

1. You spend more time on the little details.

2. You include the most advanced services in your total cost versus a bait and switch.

3. You clean up before you leave.

We could nickel and dime the services all we want, in the end, you always end of paying the same price. The question is always, do you trust the person providing the service and are you getting your monies worth.

Thank you again for a great job done, see you in the spring."

Kumar Jagdeo II, MBA, CIMA
Director, Regional Manager
Eastern Division
AllianceBernstein Investments

Longtime client since 5/2006, last serviced 1/2014


"Professional and customer friendly.  Carpets have been cleaned thoroughly and are not soggy."

Carol Grubba – Registered Nurse, Clarkston, MI 9/2001


"Fast service – carpet looks and smells great, better than the other companies in the past."

Vince Reagin – Self Employed, Rochester Hills, MI 5/2004


"Flexibility to work with home conditions and reclean spots that were not satisfactory.  Technicians were anxious to please and were not offended by retouch requests."

Candace Seizert, Bloomfield Township, MI 11/2003


"Great staff – works with you and does what you request.  Excellent service – great cleaning.  I think this cleaning will last longer without the soaps."

Kristen Ervin, Franklin, MI 5/2004


"Pleasant odor in nursery.  Happy to lay babies on the floor since it was cleaned.  Great job always done.  So very glad that the workers were pleasant and polite.  They were considerate of me while in the building."

Teri Whitbeck – Day Care Worker


"Complete clean, dries fast.  Close attention to pet stains.  Carpet looks very good.  Purchased spot remover product."

Linda Fisher – Hospital Administration


"Awesome feeling.  Clean carpet and fresh smelling carpet."

Angela Morang – Paramedic, Macomb, MI 6/2004


"I am impressed with the results. The carpet looks like new."

Roger Moldovan – Retired, Lathrup Village, MI 5/2005


"Did a great job getting the carpet cleaned."

Kelly Harney, Rochester Hills, MI 3/2004


"When you arrived this afternoon, my carpet looked absolutely terrible. Tons of dark dirty spots, I didn't even think would come out. When you were done, it was so clean I couldn't believe it. Before you came my husband thought the carpet needed to be replaced because it looked so bad, but when he got home he was happily surprised. He could not believe you were able to get almost all of the dirt out. The carpet looks much closer to its original color now. I love the fresh feeling of clean carpet. I am more comfortable letting my granddaughter crawl around on it now. I am now having people remove their shoes when they enter to help the carpet look good longer now that it is so clean." 

Pam Graham, Waterford, MI 5/2004



As a professional in the dry cleaning and laundry business my whole life I've had many opportunities to see stains & problems of many kinds, and have tried to solve them. My carpet was a perfect "10" and not wet at all when I got home later that day! Great job!"

Cliff Marriott from M&M Cleaners, Keego Harbor, MI 9/2006


"Very efficient and professional. Two benefits I received were the quality of the job and the timely manner it was performed in."

Pat Ross - Office Manager of Site Development, Inc., Madison Heights, MI 1/2006


"Clean, wonderful, very nice people."

Carmen Constan, Troy, MI 10/2004


"They did a great job.  They cleaned our carpet and removed a tough toner stain in our copy room.  They did a great job in removing the stain without damaging the carpet."

Kellie Fisher  - Dailey Company, Orion, MI 6/2004


"Quick drying, friendly service, gets the job done. I also enjoy the monthly newsletter."

Sue Landry - Hairdresser, Waterford, MI 6/2004


"Good job, clean carpet, nice people."

Joe Rossell - Sales, Utica, MI


"They were very professional and took the time to a great job. Looks wonderful. I will recommend your company to others."

Paula Reimann, Rochester Hills, MI 6/2006


"They did a very good job. I like the drying time and more rapid use of the areas."

Sally Ann Good - Owner Insurance Agency, Harrison, MI 9/2004


"My living room carpet looks new again. I will use Susan for future carpet jobs & will refer to my clients."

Tracey Tomlin - Realtor


"I am very fussy and your company did an excellent job. I also got the assurance that I don't have to look any further for a carpet cleaning company in the future."

Cheryl Contrera - Office Manager, Warren, MI 11/2008


"They did a great job in removing the stain without damaging the carpet. The guys did a great job."

Gary M. O’Rourke - Pipefitter, Rochester Hills, MI 8/2005


“James did a fabulous job!  It was the first time he cleaned for me and I was really impressed.”

-Barbara Amacher, Rochester Hills, MI 10/2009


"James did an outstanding job on Friday.  Out of all the carpet cleanings I have had, he was able to get it the cleanest.  I am so happy with the results!"

-Patricia Noble, Rochester Hills, MI 3/2012


"I am really happy with the work that was done yesterday on my carpets.  They dried quickly and looked great!"

-Tonia Cooper


"I was pleased with his (James') work and most of all, the way those carpets came out.  James was patient, listened to me whine about my dog, and went to work.  My dogs are no longer allowed in the living room and my floor is beautiful, thanks to James and your company.  I'll be calling for the next cleaning!"

-Susan Harroun, Lake Orion, MI 8/2011


"Susan, thanks for the info and also for the GOOD job on the furniture.  It looks amazing and I know its clean.  I will be calling you in the future."

-Susan Cusick, Madison Heights, MI 10/2011


"Susan did a fantastic job on removing the cat vomit from the living / dining room area.  We are very pleased as usual with the work."

-Linda McCabe, Rochester Hills, MI 10/2011


"Very pleased!  James is awesome!"

-Kathy Merser, Rochester, MI 11/2011


"Just want to say that we live in the Rochester HIlls area, and we had our carpet cleaned yesterday. Talk about a GREAT JOB -- not only does the carpet look and feel like it did when we first moved in 8 years ago - we've got this allergen protection to boot! They did a wonderful job -- were very neat and tidy - did not damage anything -- floor boards around the carpet look as nice as they did when they came in and I would recommend them to anyone. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! So, if you're considering having your carpets cleaned, this is probably the BEST you can find in this area! They're going to be my ONLY carpet cleaning company from now on!"
-Judith Peitsch, Rochester, MI via Facebook 11/2012
"Susan: Thank you for the fabulous job you did on the carpets for me before Thanksgiving. I would definitely recommend your service and will be using it again."
-Lisa Boehm Roach, Lake Orion, MI via Facebook 11/2012
"This is my kind of service provider. I'm particular, and Susan from Carpet Cleaning Excellence has won highest ratings from me. Friendly, efficient, professional and respectful of our home. With light cream carpets, a black puppy and a smoker in the household, Susan worked her magic. My carpet looks great, and everything promised was delivered. I highly recommend this company. Also nice to keep my money in Michigan. Great job!"
-Mary Beth Lundquist, West Bloomfield, MI via Facebook 1/2013
"I have consistently called Susan and Carpet Cleaning Excellence for several years and I would not think of calling any other carpet cleaning company."
-Leah S. Herbert, Rochester Hills, MI 1/30/2013
"Hi Susan:  Thanks for coming to our rescue and cleaning our soiled chair seat.  We will call you again if you have any future emergencies.  Thanks again!"
-Sharron and Bernie Ris , Auburn Hills, MI via email on 1/25/2013
Email subject line: Great job! Exceeded expectations

"I had let my home carpeting go without being cleaned for five years. I knew it was so bad the only resort I had was to replace it but that was very expensive. I thought it was worth getting cleaned so I could at least live with it until we could replace it. Susan came out with her carpet cleaning equipment and worked hard for hours throughout the house. Everything turned out so beautiful, even the stairs, that I no longer feel we need to replace the carpet at all. I can’t say enough good things about how hard she worked. I was sure the stairway carpeting would need replacing right away, but no !! Once everything was dry, I could not believe my eyes. For the cost of the extra cleaning effort, I saved myself thousands of dollars in replacing carpeting throughout the house. From now on, Klein will be cleaning my carpets like clockwork."

-Rick A. Brown, White Lake Twp., MI via email 2/2013
"Dear Susan,
I learned a major lesson after hiring a carpet cleaner that gave me a (seemingly) great price to clean 4 rooms and a landing.  However, when the guy got done, and the carpet dried, I wasn't entirely happy with the results.  My carpet still looked a bit dingy, but thought to just live with it.  I decided to take a chance on your company after finding you on Google and going through a 2 year cleaning hiatus.  Wow!  What a difference between you and the other guy!  I couldn't be more thrilled with my carpet today and just had to let you know.  My house makes me happy again!"
-June Howdy, Troy, MI via email 4/2013
"The dog pee smell and spots from the new puppy we adopted over the winter was really getting to my husband.  We'd considered renting the machine at Petsmart, but the sheer odor made it seem like the carpet needed more attention.  Thanks to Susan and the recommended pet treatment, the smell and stains are a thing of the past (now that the puppy is doing great with potty training).  We couldn't be more appreciative!"
-Amy Wahl, Keego Harbor, MI via email 5/9/2013
"Thanks for the great job on the family room carpet and sofa, Susan.  It's great to know we didn't have to replace them and could invest the money we saved on a new foosball table instead.  Clearly, my sons are psyched.  It was nice to be able to take advantage of the package upgrade and that the protectant was included--truly a great value after all was said and done.  We'll see you next year!"
-Morenci Lupen, Novi, MI via email 6/13/2013
"I never thought the wine stain from my 4th of July party would come out of my light beige carpet.  Susan, you are a lifesaver and I really can't thank you enough.  Thanks for the advice, amazing work, and fitting me in on such short notice."
-Mercy Fritz, Lake Orion, MI via email 7/7/2013
"Susan is just the best.  There is no one else I would trust in my home and I know I am guaranteed a great cleaning with every service.  Thanks again!"
-Lina Mestin, Bloomfield Hills, MI via client feedback survey 8/2013
"My carpet looks fantastic and I can't believe how soft it feels!  As a new mom with a crawling infant, I had a BIG concern about my son being exposed to needless chemicals.  It was a comfort to know that Carpet Cleaning Excellence makes it a point to provide and emphasize non-toxic, green cleaning.  I was glad that my neighbor forwarded me your e-newsletter when she learned I was looking for a carpet cleaner.  I got to see Susan in action in your YouTube video before she even came to my home!  I was a little surprised since all of my previous carpet cleaners have been men. ;-)  When she came over to do the quote, being a mom too, Susan put my fears to rest about harmful chemicals being left in the carpet.  My appointment was between 9 and 10AM a couple days later and I left her at the house to TCB.  I got back in the early evening and, BONUS!  My carpets not only looked great, but they felt pretty darn dry!  That was something I was a little skeptical about based on previous damp carpet experiences.  I just wanted to write and thank you for exceeding all of my expectations on so many levels.  Even the skillet kielbasa recipe in the newsletter was keeper! lol  It's officially on my dinner rotation now. :-)"
-Teegan Moore, Clarkston, MI via post-service follow-up feedback webform 9/2013
Email subject line:  Regarding service on 8-15-2013
"I have NO idea how you guys did it, but you actually breathed life back into my carpet. My next stop was going to be to Lowe's to get a whole new rug or hardwood. The bill was actually cheaper than anticipated considering the full-service package. Fast dry carpet is definitely where it's at. I'll be sure to get Susan back in next year and not wait too long again (which was my 1st mistake)."  
-Timothy Bennett, South Lyon, MI via email 9/2013
Our first review...5 stars!!
"I called this company based on a flyer in my mailbox and simply hoped for the best. I feel extremely lucky to have called the right company! I was thrilled with the quality of work and how easy it was to schedule. Since we work days, I needed a late night appointment for an initial consultation/quote - this did not pose a problem, we scheduled Sue to come out for 7:30 pm. We also found a creative way to schedule the cleaning itself while we were out of the house (thus the carpet could dry without us walking around on it) and Sue was extremely accommodating and helpful in all regards. The price and quality of service is exceptional. I am now subscribing to receive service every 6 months and preserve the investment in my carpet / pad."

(Review appears in 'Filtered' section.)
-Christine Fend, Rochester, MI  re: September 2013 service
"I have been using Carpet Cleaning Excellence every 3 months for 2 years for our primary home. We have 2 dogs, we constantly entertain, and we have white carpets. Carpet Cleaning Excellence keeps my white carpet looking new every single time, and they have even come out on emergencies when there were those unforeseen spills."
-Google+ review left by Sarah Khan of Rochester Hills, MI in December 2014
"Susan -
Thank you!  Carpet & couch look great!
I wasn't sure if the 10% was applied but I was motivated by the offer. =)
I would like to sign up for the "Frequent Cleaner Club."  Feel free to pick dates 6 & 12 months out and leave message on my cell phone.
Tomorrow I am being induced to have a 3rd boy -- so we will have lots of dirt in our house for years to come!!
Christine Fend"
-Handwritten note left on repeat cleaning visit by Rochester, MI homeowner on 1/14/2014

"Everything was wonderful.  Carpets look great."
-Kristina Niner, Tradefirst Member, South Lyon, MI on 1/17/2014 service appointment follow-up call 
"Carpet looks great.  Wine stains still gone."
-Jane Delahanty, Bloomfield Hills, MI on 1/27/2014 service appointment follow-up call
"Best carpet cleaning we've had to date (service done 2/12/2014). Our light-colored carpet has been a wreck due to this long winter. We wanted to wait till spring hit to schedule a cleaning, but have a 'muy importante' dinner party coming up next week for some fish networking (I raise tropical / African cichlids). Got the free estimate and trusted to let Susan come in while we were at work to clean the carpet. The significant other in particular was very happy with the results when she got home (so all is right with the world, sun, moon, and stars again...hallelujah). I liked that Carpet Cleaning Excellence included carpet protection application in all of their all-inclusive packages--the pricing was reasonable for the Allergy package based on what I've paid in the past for carpet cleaning for another home. Susan educated us on what we need to do to maintain our 5 year old 'new-ish' carpet once it got cleaned (immediate attention with their spotter bottle once spill mishaps occur, rugs/mats at every point of entry inside and out, more vacuuming than what we were doing for the amount of people/animals in the home, & more frequent deep cleans...alright, we won't wait 3+ years again). We're looking to get our sectional and mattresses cleaned next. Overall the company was easy to deal with from appointment set up to payment (took our credit card over the phone). If you're looking for a deep down carpet cleaning in White Lake, MI give Carpet Cleaning Excellence a try. I believe they serve all of Oakland County, Michigan as well."
-Michael Post, Obey The Cichlid, White Lake, MI on 2/2014 via Google+

"Susan is always timely, careful, considerate, and thorough. Our carpet looks like new after her cleaning!"
-Judy Beyerlin of Chesterfield Township, MI via Google+ on 7/2014 

"Susan has been out to our home twice to clean.  Both times we had here clean all the carpet in the entire home.  She was great on both occasions.  She is a bit chatty to start but once she got to work she really put her nose to the grindstone and didn't slow up until the job was done.   She uses a rotating power head that seems to really get our carpets clean especially the pet stains we had in the basement.   Their truck did not need to hook up to our water as other cleaners have done in the past.  We received a confirmation call the day before the appointment and Susan even called to let us know when she was on the way.  We ended up getting the deodorizer and protectant because both were priced fairly as a package.  Both Susan and Darren are great people to deal with and they run a fine service company."
-(A different than above) Michael P., Utica, MI via on 9/2/2014
"I used Carpet Cleaning Excellence last year and was surprised at how the 3 stains in my carpet disappeared and only 2 came back after 6 months.  Other companies could not get them completely out but  6 months later I did a clean with another company, my mistake as they didn't get it half as clean as Carpet Cleaning Excellence.  So today I had CCE come back, the stains are gone!  Susan does an excellent job, she is friendly, and Professional.  I will NEVER call another company again!  Carpet Cleaning Excellence and Susan are my go to company for carpet cleaning."
-Jayme R., Metamora, MI via filtered reviews on 10/3/2014
"Samaritan Center has been doing business with Carpet Cleaning Excellence for the past few years.  We have used them for small office areas, large conference rooms and in emergency situations due to mechanical problems in the building.  The services have always been excellent and Carpet Cleaning Excellence has always been accommodating for short-notice emergencies.  They are our cleaning company of choice!"
-Carol Shanku, Management Assistant, Samaritan Center, Detroit, MI via testimonial emailed on 1/8/2015
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