What do you clean?

Carpet, upholstered furniture, area rugs, spots and spills, ceramic tile and grout, mattresses, urine, filtration
lines, small water 
leak issues.  We also perform commercial strip and wax services for vinyl
composition tile (VCT).

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely!!  We do not think you should hire a professional carpet cleaner if they don’t.

Our Guarantee:  If you are not happy with our work we will reclean the area for free.  If you are still not pleased,
you pay nothing.  Really!

How fast can I expect my carpet to dry?

In most cases within 2-4 hours. Final dry time does depend on the weather, air circulation, humidity and

Do you give exact appointment times?

Yes!  We know your time is valuable and we promise to arrive within an hour of the set appointment time,
not between the hours of 8AM-12PM or 12PM-4PM like other companies tend to schedule clients.  However,
due to the nature of our service, some homes may take more or less time than anticipated. Also, road conditions
and traffic may upset our schedule.  If we are going to be early or late we will call to let you know the status
at the best contact number(s) you have provided us when scheduling your appointment.  If you are at
work or running errands we can call when we are on our way so you can meet us instead of waiting.  Arrange-
ments can also be made with our office if you cannot be onsite to let us in for the cleaning appointment.

I have had my carpet cleaned in the past and the spots reappear in a week or the carpet gets
dirty faster. How do you solve these problems?

Let's start with the reappearing spots, spots usually "wick back" from overwetting.  Our process uses less
solution combined with a deep cleaning system that has powerful extraction capability.  This allows your carpet
to dry faster and helps to prevent these recurring spots.  Rapid resoiling is usually caused by soapy residue left
in the carpet that attracts dirt. Our solution uses no soap, chemicals, and leaves no dirt-attracting residue.

Are your products safe for children and pets?

Yes. Our solution is pH-neutral, green-certified and uses ingredients copied from Mother Nature.
It is highly effective for a great, deep clean and is completely safe for crawling babies and pets of all kinds.

Why do all your packages come with carpet protectant?

Carpet protection is, in many ways, more important than carpet cleaning. While a deep cleaning
by our expert technicians will remove soil and stains today, Carpet Cleaning Excellence's carpet protectant
application will allow you to remove 50-60% more dry particulate soil from your fibers with regular vacuuming
in between deep cleaning appointments.  Carpet protection application is also integral to spot and spill
prevention.  This helps stains and spills that are attended to and blotted up quickly from becoming permanent
stains tomorrow.

What is your minimum charge & what forms of payment do you accept?

$175.00 is our minimum invoice charge (as of 2017-2018). We're proud to be a carpet cleaning company that doesn't
pressure clients with no unethical 'bait & switch' specials or hidden charge tactics.  

We gladly accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Tradefirst, Mastercard, American Express and Discover and will consider
accepting invoice billing from established commercial clients.

How long does your process take?

An average-sized home takes between 2 and 3 hours for a full-service, thorough cleaning to be completed.

What is your availability?

We do residential work Monday – Saturday.  Commercial work Monday – Saturday.  Saturdays are by appointment 
and may require a small, non-refundable deposit to hold your booking.  Sunday and after-hours appointments are
performed on a case-by-case basis.

Why do you charge by the square foot not by the room?

We only charge for the area that is cleaned. If you only want traffic lanes cleaned why should you pay for the whole room?

Will you move furniture?

Yes. We will move light objects: most (moveable) sofas, chairs, end tables, cribs, etc. We do not move heavy bedroom
furniture, pianos, organs, entertainment centers, any electronics, china cabinets, etc.  We do not move furniture room-to-room.

Please bear in mind that if we have provided a quote on measured square footage that has changed because you have 
moved furniture out of a room or space prior to your cleaning appointment, your quote will be adjusted accordingly.

I haven’t had my carpet cleaned for 5 (or insert higher # here) years, what can I expect?

We get this question a lot. Despite what someone may have told you, carpet does not wear like iron. If you have lots of household or
workplace occupants, pets, wear your shoes in the house, don't have mats that catch dirt, and/or don't vacuum as frequently as needed,
you should ideally have your carpet cleaned every 6 months. Most major carpet manufacturer guidelines recommend a professional
cleaning at least every 12-18 months using a steam / hot water extraction method.  Your carpet really needs to be cleaned on a regular
basis before the damage is done like traffic lane graying. While your carpet will be clean and look better after your cleaning
appointment, some longterm damage simply may be irreversible.


Can you remove spots? Red, paint, ink, coffee, juice, blood, etc.

If you blotted the excess and called us right away we have an excellent chance of complete removal. The ability to remove
spots depends a lot on how long the spot has been there.  Do you know what it is? Have you tried household products to remove it? 
Sometimes the method you are using to remove the spot actually makes it permanent. And household products sometimes can get
out the spot but leave a bleach mark instead.  It's always best to consult a professional before applying a product you may be
unsure of.

Can you treat pet urine?

Yes!  We use a specialized pet urine removal process.  If your pet is urinating in your house it is probably in more areas than
you are aware of.  Urine fluoresces under black light.  We will examine your carpet with a black light to find the urine, treat the
urine spots and the pad.  
The product we use is an oxidizer.  Oxidizers work by adding oxygen to a stain or odor molecule
and eventually breaking that molecule into fragments.  We then schedule a carpet cleaning and sanitizing 3 to 5 days after the pet
urine removal treatment.  Though we are always happy to do a standard carpet cleaning, be aware that it may not solve your pet urine, 
pet stain, and pet odor problems. Our minimum charge for pet urine and odor treatment is $250.00.


What is that dark line around the walls, stairs, under doorways and around vents?  Can you remove them?

'Filtration Line(s)' is a term used to describe dark, grayish lines that may appear on carpet around baseboards, under doors, along the
edges of stairs and possibly away from walls where plywood subflooring materials have been joined. This has become a common problem
today because homes are much more airtight than in the past. Filtration soil may be fireplace or automobile emissions, residue from furniture
polishes, fine sand or clay particles, cooking oils, a host of other soils or a combination of soils that can accumulate on the carpet face fibers
in areas with a concentrated flow of air over the carpet or through tiny cracks or other open areas under the carpet. The soiling condition can
occur quickly, or it may develop over a period of months or years. The level of soiling is dependent upon the volume of airflow and the level of
pollutants in the air. Filtration soiling is not a result of the quality of carpet selected.  The condition will obviously appear more pronounced on
lighter colorations than darker colorations.  The complete removal of contaminants from the soiled areas can be complicated, depending on
the type of contaminant materials present. The very fine soil strongly attaches to carpet fibers. In most cases, filtration soil will not be removed
by general cleaning. To break these soil fiber bonds and rinse the soil away, we use a solution designed for filtration soil removal, agitate the

area by hand, allow sufficient dwell time and rinse the area completely. After the filtration line is removed we thoroughly clean the carpet.

If you have any other questions about our carpet cleaning service or carpet cleaning in general, please do not hesitate to call
Carpet Cleaning Excellence at 888-688-0603.  One of our technicians will be happy to discuss your questions or concerns.


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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If you are not happy with our Carpet Cleaning Excellence Oakland County carpet cleaning we will reclean the area for free, if you are still not pleased we will refund your money. What could be more fair?



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